Our toll-free services make you and your business accessible, regardless of your location. If you have an existing toll-free number, JBH Services Inc. can transfer that number to your new service without interruption. A Domestic Toll-Free Number is suitable for businesses anywhere in the world with a national customer base in North America (US including Hawaii and Alaska, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands).

Toll Free services can be used as a powerful tool to generate new business and build customer loyalty. Stability and performance of this service is crucial, as this is often how customers reach you to place orders, obtain customer support, complete transactions, respond to advertising, and so on. In fact, reliable service is cited as the number one criteria for choosing a Toll Free service provider. Whatever service you require, JBH Services Inc. will work with you to tailor our feature-rich Toll Free service to deliver the perfect solution. For larger companies, anticipating incoming call traffic in excess of 25,000 minutes per month, we can negotiate profitable monthly rebates increasing your income and cutting your communication costs.

Features include:

* Vanity Numbers
* Calling Area Restrictions
* Toll-Free Directory Listing
* 30/6 second Billing
* Itemized detail of toll free calls