JBH Services Inc. WorldConnect Solution

JBH Services Inc. offers cost-effective VoIP Telephony solutions for the secure and reliable communication of the enterprise voice traffic. To deliver best-in-class VoIP solutions, JBH Services Inc. leverages its unique IP infrastructure as well as VoIP specific hardware, software, and management systems. JBH Services Inc. provides complete, end-to-end solutions by managing all equipment and services, thereby allowing customers to take full advantage of the ubiquity of the Internet to deliver secure and flexible VoIP solutions. Utilizing next-generation technologies, JBH Services Inc. is able to provide enterprises with significant cost savings over legacy private networks. Enterprise traffic is optimally routed across JBH Services Inc.' multiple redundant IP network providing business-class reliability.

Additional Features of the JBH Services Inc. WorldConnect Solution include:

* Customer premise equipment (CPE) remote management and maintenance
* Web-based customer network management system
* The JBH Services Inc. 7 x 24 Network Operations Center (NOC) uses call routing statistics for proactive troubleshooting and real-time monitoring of network performance.
* The VOIP service can be configured for small businesses, large corporations, Prepaid Phone Card operations, Internet Cafes and Call Shops, and Hotels

Implementing Voice over IP Telephony

This section describes how customers and agents can implement Voice over IP technology. JBH Services Inc. supports multiple VOIP hardware devices like the Cisco IAD with multiple voice interfaces.

* Small Corporate Offices without a PBX.

Key Features and Benefits:

Assuming your office has a dedicated Internet connection, the FXS units are plugged directly into your Ethernet LAN hub or router. Then, regular telephones are plugged into the Cisco device. When a caller picks up the handset, the call is immediately processed over the Internet. The user hears a dial tone.

* Internet Cafes and Phone Shops.

This scenario is similar to the small business office described above. However, phone service can be sold to anyone who needs to make a long distance phone call. The major difference is that each customer must be charged separately for his or her phone time.

In the event that a call shop is accustomed to billing for exact charges, the owner of the Call Shop or Internet caf? can view the call records on the JBH Services Inc. web site and issue exact change. In this scenario, unique account codes are not necessary for each caller.

Alternatively, the operator of the Internet cafe or call shop may sell the customer a prepaid phone card. The Internet Cafe can sell phone cards in various denominations, i.e. $1.00, $5.00, $20.00 etc and in any currency. The customer picks up the handset and enters the account number when prompted. After the customer enters a valid account code, he is prompted to dial his destination. In this scenario, there is no accounting to be done or change to be issued at the cash register. If the customer does not finish the card, the value is retained in the card until the next time it is used. Under this scenario, the phone number of the calling unit is not entered into our switch and the caller will be prompted for his or her account code.

* Large Corporate Offices with PBX.

The FXO unit can be deployed in any large company, similar to the small office scenario, except that the FXO is connected to a PBX instead of directly to the telephone handsets or the local phone company. If there are one hundred employees in a company, they can all have access to the VoIP calls. To make an international call, the caller would just dial 8, for example. A line would be opened to the JBH Services Inc. switch and the caller will get dial tone and would dial the destination number. All calls preceded by 8 would be routed through the Cisco device and the caller never knows his call is going over the Internet.

* Hotels.

Hotel owners can connect a Cisco device to their Hotel PBX in the same manner as described above. However, the hotel will want to charge the customer for the calls. In this case, the hotel owner can perform billing in several different ways. The owner can simply require the customer buy a prepaid phone card. Alternatively, the Hotel owner can use the billing functions that may exist in the Hotel PBX, or the hotel owner could go to the JBH Services Inc. website and view and print the customer's call records. Each room would have its own account number.

* Prepaid Phone Cards.

One of the most exciting business opportunities made available through the JBH Services Inc. VoIP system is the ability to quickly establish a prepaid phone card business. The FXO unit can be used to set up a phone card network. The entrepreneur must acquire phone lines from the local phone company. The lines should come with phone numbers or toll free numbers. The numbers should roll from one trunk to the next when one trunk is busy.

The entrepreneur then sells phone cards in any denomination and in any currency. The customers make a local phone call or toll free phone call to that number. The call hits the Cisco device, is passed to our switch and the caller is prompted for his or her account code.

The entrepreneur can sell access to phone service without physically opening up a call shop or Internet cafe? and can distribute cards widely around any city or country. The entrepreneur is able to avoid investing in expensive switching equipment because JBH Services Inc. provides a world-class prepaid calling card platform. This system replaces traditional International Callback services.